DogFit Academy - Membership

DogFit Academy - Membership

Join the DogFit Conditioning & Performance Academy Membership to get access to weekly work outs, a library of skills videos, planning and skills documents and much more. 

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DogFit Session Planner

Find here some planning and session tools and videos to get you started with DogFit Conditioning & Performance Academy

Passive Stretching

This is a very quick guide on passive stretching.

It's recommended to be gentle with your dog & only work with them when their muscles are warm.

Couple of musts:

  • Muscles must be warm
  • You must go slow & watch your dog's response
  • Go to a point of light resistance only
  • Begin with a small range of motion
  • Hold for 3 - 10 secs to start
  • Let your dog move out of position gently

AgilityFit Warm-up and stretching for Training

Use this warm up and stretching guide for your training. While this is targeted for Agility, you can use it across other dynamic sports such as flyball, frisbee and tricks!

Use this basic guide to help you with your obedience and Rally-O sessions as well.

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