AgilityFit 30 Day Challenge

AgilityFit 30 Day Challenge

6 Modules

Week 1

It's time to get started!

Remember to ease yourself into this week & keep an eye on how you feel.

Day 1 is your Fitness test! Make a note of your time so that you can compare how you do at the end of the 30 Day Challenge.

Week 2

Now that we have the foundations in and you're into a good schedule, we start to add the layers of speed building and stretch and flexibility to our program. 

Have a great week!

Week 4

By now you're starting to feel the effect of the 30 day challenge! This week you will go from strength to strength!

The last week of the program brings all of the elements together and boosts you to finish out the challenge.

Week 5 - Final Days

Final few days are here! 

Congratulations on finishing the Challenge! I hope you've enjoyed the program and that you have made the most of the program in getting fitter!

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